Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

Hey hey. My parents are Hoochie Mama and Nerdy Papa, hence my name is Nerdy Mama.
I wear a pair of thick-framed black glasses, which people complain are so nineteen-fifty. And I'm seen with a book wherever I go. I'm a science geek who wants to get into triple science class. My friends mock me for that, but of course the typical me don't give a damn.
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away


I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“life will be better in spring”
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Friday, January 1, 2010 || 8:51 PM


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Monday, November 16, 2009 || 10:56 PM

韓國偶像團體"神話" 台北開唱選張棟樑的歌送歌迷 Shinwa sing Nicholas song during their concert in Taipei


昨晚的演唱會上,穿插今年3月的歌友會實況影片,Andy接連表演「Single Man」、「只有你」等歌曲,並且準備了張棟樑的歌曲「說你也一樣愛著我」給歌迷驚喜。



日前,另一韓國團體Super Junior 到湖南衛視上節目也

South Korea's pop idols group, "Shinwa" members "Andy" LI Xian-ho, the army, the last Asian tour first show dedicated to Taiwan, but also sang songs Nicholas Teo, narrow the distance between the fans and Taiwan.

Last night's concert, in March of this year's Ge Youhui interspersed live video, Andy successively performing "Single Man", "Only You" and other songs, and prepared for Nicholas Teo's song "that you love me too" to the fans pleasantly surprised.

Also in last night sounds of "w-inds." Fans get a blue fluorescent sticks as their idols and cheering, Andy's fans are not much better, the audience holding orange fluorescent rods excited waving, Andy rushed out, and the disciples Park Dong-min on the stage, fit to the fans put on, "I love you" gesture, causing bursts of screaming.

While they sing "we love you?" One, he has also spent one lucky fan power, around her sing a complete song, and eventually presented roses, inspired envy audience fans. He said today 14:45 to fly Asiana Airlines OZ-712 from Taiwan.

Recently, another Korean boy group Super Junior to Hunan Satellite Television on the program are also
Selected to sing the pillars of the "Tears of Polaris" !

credits:warner music malaysia facebook

ps: the english translation by warner music is kinda bad but better then nothing right... also, "shinhwa" is spelled as "shinwa"( -_-''')

Sunday, November 15, 2009 || 12:03 AM

Monday, November 9, 2009 || 10:30 PM

nicholas was supposed to attend F.I.R's concert in Macau as their guest artistes last week.
however, due to nicholas' s health condition, he is unable to attend. the thing to be proud of is his Macau fans still showed up in the concert eventhough nicholas was not there. *a round of applause*

Thursday, November 5, 2009 || 9:39 PM


life is unpredictable,
tomorrow is always an unknown,
cherish our loved ones,
and appreciate everything we have,
before we lose them one day.

life and death is not fully within our control,
some die at 18,
while some die at 81,
some die peacefully,
while some die tragically,
some live life to the fullest,
while some end their own life.

i truly believe in karma,
thus, think good, speak good and do good,
while we are blessed with another great day on this earth,
for a better next life.

recently, the news about the death of 3 undergraduates from UTAR who were drowned at a waterfall caught my attention.
i could not hold back my tears when reading the news and looking at the pictures of the grieving family members.
some people may think that it is stupid to cry for people we do not know,
but if you put yourself in their (family members) shoes, i bet no one can hold back their tears.
who would ever imagine a happy outing with friends will turn out to be a tragedy.
i visited the blog of one the deceased yesterday...
he quoted "want to be someone extraordinary in near future..."
i hope that this hope of him will be fulfilled in his next life.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 || 7:59 PM


school was extremely boring today...
anyway, i am glad that finals are over!
but this is not the end of it...
results are coming out one by one
and SPM is getting nearer...
i got 15 marks for add maths Shit Emoticons
when will i stop failing??? i really have no idea...
and 60 marks for maths!!! gosh!!! well it is my fault for being lazy...

something happened in school which really pissed me off!!!
cpy was using her handphone in class ( i was siiting next to cpy),
then "miss fussy" (discipline officer of the prefect board) saw cpy using and asked her keep it.
"miss fussy" scolded me and said, "candice what are you doing, you are a prefect and you are using a handphone in class!"
and i said, "i was not using but just looking!"
she said, "you are supposed to do your job!"
i was like, "ok, ok".
and then here comes the funny part...
"miss fussy" told cpy, "i know you will be angry with me right?"
cpy replied, "no la, but i will be emo for awhile!"
after awhile cpy went lepak next door,
and "miss fussy" started again...
i just looked away and kept quite... (the moment of silence) haha :P
i went straight out of the class after listening to her "lecture" without a single word...
at that moment i really wanted give her one big tight slap...
bloody annoying!
she was just trying to act like a good prefect!
which she never was and never will be one!!!
she used to use handphone and eat in class!
as a prefect, i know i am suppose to be fair...
but how can i confiscate my best friend' s handphone...
i am sure no one can do that...
yea, i can ask her to keep it...
but that will just spoil her mood.
"miss fussy" will never experience this because she never has a best friend...

anyway, i miss mr. teo so much!
2 months is bloody long...
i am happy that nicholas can get a long rest,
but that will be so suffering for me... huhu
i thought i will have more time for nicholas during the holidays,
but unfortunately, nicholas will only be back to work next year...
no matter what, i will wait!

Monday, October 26, 2009 || 10:27 PM

NICHOLAS' S DIARY 26/10/2009




大家真的要多多關心自己的身體。哈哈!願:健康快樂。 ^_^


Hi, quite a long time didn't write anything here! Finally I am discharged today! Felt like quite a long long time! But I am better now, many thanks for all your supports and blessing.

I can badly feel that healthy is the most important thing of our life! So I will take a rest first before going on for my jobs. I promise, I will get perfect well soon! And will meet you all in soonest too!

Quite a similar feeling while writing this diary as there was a diary about my dad in the early of this year too. haha! All the worst thing is over in 2009! I can feel that.

So, you guys have to take good care of healthy and be well ya! haha...



Thursday, October 15, 2009 || 8:42 PM


i have not been blogging for the last 2 weeks due to final exams...
exams is not over yet but i HAVE to blog bout this...
nicholas is admitted into the hospital! Crazy EmoticonsMonkey Emoticons
his liver is infected with some virus...
not sure what kind of virus...
sook teng posted a note on nicholas official website to inform everyone about this...

sook teng' s note:



when i saw this i was like Crazy Emoticons
let's all Monkey Emoticons for nicholas...

Monday, September 28, 2009 || 8:01 PM


i saw this advertisement 3 times!
the 1st time i saw it, i was like OMG!!!
i only managed to watch the full advertisement once...
the 2nd and 3rd time i saw it was at the part where belinda said "kamsahamida"!!!
so geram!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009 || 10:30 PM


must watch!
interesting video!
this is 100% true!
they are not acting!
they are really fighting!

gary pushed justin to the ground...

justin fought back...

gary jumped off the taxi and asked justin to fight with him outside the taxi...
justin ignored and gary got angrier...
gary kicked justin's lower part (the sensitive part... you know?) ...

gary grabbed a signboard and tried to hit justin with it...

a friend stopped gary...
they went home with a separate taxi...



Wednesday, September 23, 2009 || 2:41 PM


nicholas is nominated for 最受欢迎男歌手 (favourite male singer)
& 地区最受欢迎歌手 (马来西亚) (favourite singer -malaysia)
"ai ni sheng guo zi ji" is also nominated under best lyrics award...
the lyricist of this song is 林倛玉...
vote for nicholas NOW!!!
each computer can only vote once for each voting session...
there are 2 voting sessions:-
1st voting session: 4/9/2009- 18/10/2009 (11 pm)
2nd voting session: 19/10/2009- 22/11/2009 (11pm)
add oil everyone!
voting link

|| 2:30 PM


nicholas cut his hair...
and his hair is less curly now...

Thursday, September 17, 2009 || 10:15 PM

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009 || 9:49 PM


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